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Computer Vision Predictive Analytics NLP Data Capture/OCR
Marketing & Sales
  • User experience with visual search
  • Plagiarism detection with image similarity search
  • Personalized content recommendation
  • Historical data analysis on customers’ activity
  • Predictive sales analytics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Customer segmentation , customized content creation for your marketing campaign
  • "Voice of the customer" personalized assistant or chatbots
Invoice, receipts processing
  • Imaging & disease prediction / identification
  • Action recognition and fall detection for patient care
  • Physical therapy and fitness with pose estimation
  • Personnel authentication with face recognition
  • Medicaments demand forecasting for stockout prevention
  • Inventory optimization
  • Hospital personnel load prediction based on patient historical visits
  • EHR patient data analytics
  • Claims management
  • Prior authorization
  • Data extraction for intelligent diagnostics
  • Outcome prediction based on admission notes
  • Analysis of unstructured data in doctor notes
  • Prescriptions data analytics , Medicine predictions based on symptoms and illness
Healthcare document digitisation
Sport & Wellness
  • Injury-free workouts with personalized real-time feedback to optimize physical activity
  • Object tracking for players to analyse and train movements
  • Automated ball tracking
Sports performance analysis Collection and analysis of sports fan feedback in social media, Ai forecasting Automated documents processing
  • Visual search of products for seamless shopping experience
  • Image similarity search for higher conversion rate
  • Customer behavior analysis and demand prediction
  • Competitor products analytics
  • Сustomer churn prediction
  • Price analysis
  • Inventory management
Customer sentiment analysis, Products segmentation based on nutri-levels, Connecting your emmoerce online store to alexa portal or any other vitual assistant
  • Contract management
  • Classification/insights from invoices at scale
  • Theft and shoplifting prevention
  • Personalized services to VIPs(everyone not just vips)
  • Employee productivity monitoring
  • Product detection on retail store shelves; shelf stock-out
Historical sales data and trends analysis
  • Customer reviews collection and analyze
  • Quality issues detection with product semantic analytics
Automated data retrieval from invoices, Receipts and other documents
  • Crop yield prediction
  • Monitoring livestock’s health and management
Crop growth and health by analyzing data from sensors, Satellite images, and weather forecasts Automated documents processing
Game & Entertainment
  • Eye tracking to improve gaming experience
  • Emotion recognition for personalization
  • Players movements analysis for sports or dance video games
Player churn prediction Automated analysis of player reviews collected from forums and social media channels
Logistics Cargo damage detection with visual inspection Warehouse analysis
  • Supply planning
  • Demand forecasting
  • Route optimization
  • Freight rates prediction
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Sales and marketing analysis
Foreign language data cleansing and building data robustness
  • Back-office tasks automatization
  • Automated documents processing
  • Visual defect detection
  • Forklift collision prevention
  • Analog gauge data reading
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Fraud detection in warranty claims
  • SOP documents search automation
  • Warranty sentiment analytics
Automated documents processing
  • Unauthorized access detection and crime prevention with face recognition
  • Security management
  • Anomalous transactions detection for fraud prevention
  • Credit scoring for risk management
  • Customer data analytics for clients retention
Data entry automation, Data analysis and evaluation, Market economy prediction Invoice data capture and automated documents processing
Insurance Insurance property cost evaluation
  • Fraud claims detection
  • Insurance claims value prediction
  • High loss claims prediction
Claims Fraud Detection Model, Automated clain processing Automated documents processing

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